CS 23 Modification and Repair

CS 23 Modification and Repair

ABC INTERNATIONAL is also entitled to classify changes to TC or STC as “major” or “minor”, as well as to approve “minor” changes to TC or to STC within the “Small Aeroplane” category (CS-23).

The privileges pertain to the following areas of expertise:

  • Avionics/Surveillance Systems
  • Cabin/Cabin interiors, Electrical Cabin Systems, External Schemes, Placards and Markings
  • Structures/Control Surfaces-Movables, Empennage, Engine Mounts, Fuselage, Landing Gears, Wings

We are specialized in full cabin refurbishment, camera and laser scanners installation, multi options cabin reconfigurations, livery scheme approvals and much more. Among our CS23 projects we did:

  • design, structural analysis and airworthiness verification for the approval of a new cabin configuration including the installation of a digital camera. ABC INTERNATIONAL performed the ground test after the installation assessment, including camera support design and stress analysis of observing cameras on a Vulcanair P68. The change has been approved under ABC International’s part 21J privileges.
  • complete cabin refurbishment of Metroliner C26D. The project included soft furnish replacement (carpets, curtains, seat covers and cushions), restoring of damaged parts and renovation of aged interiors. ABC INTERNATIONAL approved the change and provided the «ready to install» kits of curtains and carpets manufactured with ABC INTERNATIONAL’s premium materials. The reverse engineering of seat covers has been executed by our designers and installation managed by ABC INTERNATIONAL’s manpower.