ABC INTERNATIONAL is an EASA Approved Design Organization Company (EASA.21J.529) providing to the aviation industry tailor made engineering services and interior refurbishment solutions since 2009. Based on its EASA privileges ABC INTERNATIONAL is entitled to classify and approve "minor" or "major" changes to cabin interiors as well as external and internal placards/markings on both CS-25 Large Airplanes and CS-23 Small Airplanes.

Also known as the "The Cabin Branding Specialist" and pioneer in "cabin branding" activities, ABC INTERNATIONAL's objective is to support customers with professionalism and effectiveness by providing tailor-made and short lead-time engineering, design and certification services with special focus on cabin interiors.

Thanks to a very flexible approach, in-house design capabilities and outstanding production competence we are able to meet our partners' most demanding expectations
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