Branding elements

Since 2009 ABC INTERNATIONAL is serving the airlines to create a deep emotional connection with their passengers. Being the first company worldwide dedicating a team to the development of cabin branding products, we realized that cabin branding started representing a unique tool used by airlines to:

  1. face the rapidly expanding “customer experience” orientation;
  2. differentiate themselves in a very competitive market;
  3. build a visive connection between airliner image and a remarkable flight experience;
The post pandemic scenario has increased even more the importance of cabin branding to consolidate passenger’s loyalty into a competitive arena deeply impacted by a sensible “falling-down air-travel demand”. By linking a positive and healthy/safe flight experience to a deep brand visualization within the cabin during the flight airlines shall secure the uttermost level of customer retention and yield consolidation over the long term. We support airlines to reach high customer retention rates with top quality, short lead-time and cost-effective manner. ABC INTERNATIONAL can combine the branding expertise with cabin interior design skills to meet any demanding specification. ABC INTERNATIONAL branding elements are fully certified against airworthy regulations and are provided with PTS (Product Technical Specification) and EASA Form One. Most importantly, our products can be installed on board by mean of a part 21J Minor Change approval that ABC INTERNATIONAL will issue and as EASA DOA approved company.