About us

ABC INTERNATIONAL is an EASA approved Design Organization (EASA.21J.529) specialized in “cabin revamping/conversion” activities and A/C transition services. Our products are oriented to support Airlines, Lessors and MROs and specifically designed to ease transition workloads and support interiors revamping in time and cost-effective manner.

We can apply, certify and approve minor as well as major changes or STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for aircraft modifications and design changes.

ABC INTERNATIONAL Product & Service Capability List:

  • EASA DOA Part 21J Engineering and Certification Services:
    1. LOPA modification, design and change approval for cabin retrofit programs
    2. EEL modification, design and approval
    3. New Cabin Product (EPA/PMA) design, development, certification, manufacturing and installation approval
    4. Aircraft special equipment installation (safety equipment, portable/semi-portable equipment; ancillary revenue tools devices)
    5. Technical Documentation & Publications (SB, SL, EO, Job Cards, 2D and 3D drawings, Manuals)
    6. IFE system installation, activation and deactivation
  • Decorative Crest (logo)/Branding Elements: Design, Manufacturing and Certification
  • RFID Technology applied to cabin interiors: engineering, software and hardware supply
  • Carpets, Curtains and Seat Covers replacement approval and production; ABC INTERNATIONAL offers a wide selection of premium quality materials to supply quick turnaround “ready to install” kits
  • Galley/lavatory/monuments modification, repair, removal and/or installation
  • Dog-houses, Coat-rooms, Galley inserts design, manufacturing and certification;
  • Movable and Fixed Class Divider design, manufacturing, and certification;
  • “White Tale” re-delivery packages for the most operated A/C
  • Aircraft livery design, approval and decals manufacturing with on-site installation/removal support;
  • Interior bilingual and braille placards, external markings, ownership plates design, manufacturing, removal and/or installation

According to our “full package approach” and based on reliable PO-DO agreements all our products can be provided with EASA Approval and Form one.

Moreover, ABC International has high skilled personnel for:

  • Business Development, Marketing & Sales support and representation
  • Management advisory services
  • Phase In/Phase Out Technical Support by means of Physical and remote documental Inspections

ABC International Company Presentation