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The Italian DOA is now entitled to work on CS-23 certifications and ready to enter the small airplanes business.


Naples, Italy, 29th Octorber, 2020. Further to the successful completion of a significant change of its own Design Assurance System, ABC International (EASA.21J.529) is now also entitled to classify changes to TC or STC as “major” or “minor”, as well as to approve “minor” changes to TC or to STC within the “Small Aeroplane” products (CS-23).

The approval pertains to the following areas of expertise:

  • Avionics/Surveillance Systems
  • Cabin/Cabin interiors, Electrical Cabin Systems, External Schemes, Placards and Markings
  • Structures/Control Surfaces-Movables, Empennage, Engine Mounts, Fuselage, Landing Gears, Wings

Thanks to the “small airplanes” category background of some of its executives, the Italian Design Organization can boast a specific knowledge of CS-23 operational environment and therefore a deep understanding of the “unique” stakeholders needs. Being totally aware that CS-23 segment is totally different from the ordinary operativity of “large airplanes”, ABC INTERNATIONAL management developed the idea to serve a large number of customers that usually struggle to find the right technical partner to support their daily activities. In line with that and in accordance with its own strategic plan, ABC INTERNATIONAL submitted to the Agency a request for extension and, following successful completion of the assessment by the designated EASA Officer, obtained the privileges for the new terms of approval against the CS-23 product category.

“More and more often we receive enquires from small operators that aim to comply with EASA regulations. It seems very difficult for them to find a cost and time efficient solution at the same time. CS-23 operators are usually requested to give seasonal services, sometimes weekly or daily. It is important for them to have an approved Design Organization like ABC INTERNATIONAL which is able to manage and approve very small changes in a snap of a finger” says Mr. Alberto D’Ambrosio, CEO and founder of ABC “. We had the knowledge and the manpower to satisfy the demand of a big part of the aviation audience, the CS-23 operators, whose needs are commonly unknown to the big Design Organizations”

ABC INTERNATIONAL CVEs have a great past experience on small airplanes changes. This is an indisputable advantage in tailor making solutions each time a specific package is required (usually a combination of engineering services, design, certification and related hardware kit whenever required) in response to any single query. Not many peers know the real needs behind CS-23 requests.

“Following the COVID-19 crisis we understood the importance of product diversification and company risk mitigation. Nowadays, I firmly believe enlarging our own competences is the right approach to the market.” – keep saying D’Ambrosio – “From now on, we specifically target small and medium private jet operators, CAMOs, Maintenance Organizations, aerial service providers such as skydiving schools, aerial photography, media flights, sensational flights and many others. They all require a high level of customization and unique solutions for their requests. Sometimes their requests are complex and need a very wide array of skills and competences to be settled.”

Olindo Spatola, VP Engineering and HDO at ABC INTERNATIONAL spends few words on the CS-23 compliance world: “The Agency is being considering this product category to be strategic since years and, in this endeavor, specific activities have been initiated and are on-going aimed to both streamline the certification and increase safety. The new “structure” of the related certification specification and applicable AMC&GM introduced by the Amdt. 5 is introducing the concept to design products by objectives, so leaving the “old” concept linked only to the certification specific technicalities. On the other hand, minor modifications are typically carried out against original certification basis of the products, which obviously makes reference to the previous Amdts”.

Thanks to the CS-23 extension ABC INTERNATIONAL, mainly known as a leading part 21J player in the “large airplanes” business so far, is now able to reach any level of the “fixed wing” aviation industry. Touristic and business operators, aerial services providers and small independents can all benefit from the unmatchable experience and specific know-how of our Design Organization and get modifications approved.

Tuesday, 01 September 2020 07:19

Welcome on board Calvin Noonan!

In the effort to continuously improve services to lessors and airlines, ABC INTERNATIONAL is keen to announce the first official step towards the establishing of its Irish arm by welcoming Calvin Noonan.
Calvin will serve ABC as Sales & Project Engineer and will be based in Dublin, to be closer to the leasing companies.
ABC strongly believes that this step will allow to offer its DOA services as promptly and effectively as required by lessors.

Ultimate target is to deliver to them an increasing added value with integrated service solutions to support in the most appropriate manner not only a/c transitions but any other small need in terms of cabin modifications and customization.
Thanks to Calvin’s previous experience accrued within the aircraft leasing industry and his engineering background, ABC is sure to reach this goal while virtuously investing to create a solid and long-term relationship within Irish lessors community.
In accordance with its strategic plan, ABC looks forward to establishing in Dublin not only and simply a commercial presence but a full integrated entity with Calvin at its helm. Next steps of this plan will consist in the ABC Dublin office opening and hiring of additional technical staff, in order to be fully operative before the end of 2020.

“Benvenuto” Calvin!

Thursday, 06 August 2020 13:35


In seguito ad un importante percorso di crescita e di sviluppo che stiamo perseguendo con successo e nell’ambito del processo di riorganizzazione della nostra funzione tecnica, ricerchiamo un:


Profilo ideale del candidato:

- Diploma tecnico o laurea in ingegneria, preferibilmente aeronautica, aerospaziale o meccanica;
- buona conoscenza della lingua inglese (scritta e parlata);
- ottima conoscenza del disegno tecnico e dei relativi e principali software di disegno 2D e 3D, in particolare e preferibilmente “AutoCad” e “SolidWorks”;
- disponibilità ad effettuare brevi trasferte in Italia e all’estero;
- attitudine alle relazioni interfunzionali, al lavoro di gruppo ed al multitasking.
- pregressa e comprovabile esperienza lavorativa di almeno 2 anni in posizione analoga e/o assimilabile, preferibilmente in aziende strutturate e nello specifico settore di riferimento.
- Spirito innovativo e creatività
- Disponibilità all’aggiornamento continuo
- L’eventuale conoscenza delle principali normative aeronautiche (Parte 21, JAR/CS/FAR 23-25) e/o di specifiche di progetto in ambito “Cabin Interiors” (“Frame Specifications”) costituiranno elemento preferenziale;
- L’eventuale conoscenza di software per editing fotografico costituirà elemento preferenziale

Il progettista sarà parte integrante del team di progetto ed in quest’ottica dovrà interfacciarsi con il Responsabile di Progetto, la funzione Acquisti, la funzione Certificazione e la funzione Commerciale.
Le principali responsabilità della posizione saranno le seguenti:

- Definire, sviluppare e realizzare il progetto sulla base delle specifiche tecniche Cliente o mediante “reverse engineering”;
- Individuare i componenti costruttivi, i materiali e le soluzioni tecnologiche per la successiva produzione del prodotto;
- Supportare il Responsabile di Progetto nella fase di analisi esigenze Cliente nel corso della commessa;
- Supportare il team di progetto, in particolare il Responsabile di progetto e la funzione Acquisti, nella fase di individuazione dei possibili fornitori di materiali e processi;
- Realizzare BoM di progetto;
- Apportare modifiche al progetto, ove necessario, a seguito di test e/o simulazioni eseguite;
- Fornire dati di input per la realizzazione della manualistica di prodotto (schizzi, esplosi, schemi installativi,…);
- Supportare il Responsabile di Progetto e la Funzione Commerciale nella realizzazione di proposte commerciali;

Il progettista sarà parte integrante del nostro team di progetto ed in quest’ottica dovrà interfacciarsi con il Responsabile di Progetto, la funzione Acquisti, la funzione Certificazione e la funzione Commerciale.

Si prega di inviare il proprio curriculum vitae, solo se in possesso dei requisiti richiesti, unitamente al consenso al trattamento dei dati personali al seguente indirizzo di posta elettronica: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specificando nell´oggetto “Rif. Project Engineer”.


Naples (Italy), July 29th 2020. ABC International gladly announces the launch of one of the most versatile life-vest boxes in the aviation market. The new ABC rigid transparent box is already flying with one of the major air-carrier worldwide and is now available for any seat-maker and airline willing to adopt a durable, “prevent-to-steal” and “easy-to-check” life-vest container.
The Italian “Cabin Branding Specialist” has designed the transparent box in compliance to highest certification standards and in accordance to TSA safety and security regulations. As such the box guarantee passengers with an easy access to take the life-vest in every seating position across the cabin, whenever needed. In fact, the new ABC International rigid box allows extraction of the life-vest with one single quick action.
At the same time the box prevents any possible access thanks to a specific anti-intrusion system while special seals avoid and discourage passengers form improperly removing the life-vest contained or introducing any foreign or dangerous object. Transparent material allows crew to perform the fastest possible visual inspection during transit check in order to ensure presence of life-vest underneath any seat. Thus, resulting in remarkable time saving for the crew in performing such a task.
Driving factors in design development have been based on listening customer request, so as to make it as much as possible User Centered. The main features are:an easy accessibility, a lowest possible weight; a tailor-made size; high flexibility to integrate the box in a variety of different seat models. In order to give an added value to the product ABC International engineered and designed the box to be easily installed on the most common seats by means of an adaptable aluminum interface sheet. In addition to that ABC International has set itself the goal to generate a valid alternative to the existing solutions which are usually defined as “easy to brake”, “fast consumable” and “easy access for vest thieves”. ABC International had to improve the quality of passenger experience on board by offering a product relieving all above mentioned inconveniences of similar products.

As a consequence of deep engineering efforts, the Life Vest Rigid Box is manufactured using flame retardant and high-strength polycarbonate resin-UV stabilized material by means of injection molding technology. Resistance to damages and long-life of materials are distinctive elements of the box. Furthermore, ABC International life-vest box has been sized to allow installation of the most common standard single cell passenger life preservers.
The versatile design gives the opportunity to customize even further the box for every need and, most importantly, dedicated solutions may be designed to allow full integration within any new seating system. Different shapes and dimensions can be developed and manufactured with competitive lead-time to this aim.
ABC International box is an airworthy product and ready to be installed on board. It is fully compliant with the CS/AR 25.853(a) requirements and successfully tested as part of the “seat system” against CS/FAR 25.562.
ABC International can perform, under its Part21J privileges, the box retrofit installation on board of already flying seats while a cooperation is also possible with seat OEMs to integrate in any cabin environment and configuration and of course on brand-new seats.

“We usually receive very specific request from our partners. They are aware about our unique “know how” and the unlimited cabin development support we can provide. They expect a lot from us.” says Mr. Olindo Spatola, Head of Design Organization at ABC International “When I was informed about this project I suddenly realized the importance to develop a flexible design to fit any future request. The challenging part has been to fulfill our client’s requirement having in mind that. This product, will be asked to fly for many years and for other partners with different needs and ultimately it will perform in such a way!” concludes Mr. Spatola.
ABC International rigid life-vest box is nowadays readily available for any airline looking for a bright and long-lasting solution to preserve life-vest on board and improve customer flight experience.
ABC INTERNATIONAL is an EASA-DOA Company (EASA.21J.529) based in Naples, Italy. Since 2009, ABC has been a leading reality in the Cabin Branding market. During the years, thanks to its reliability, high professionalism and hard-work attitude, ABC International achieved successful results partnering with some of the most important Airlines in the industry (Brussels Airlines, Etihad, TAP, Air Canada, Ethiopian Airlines). These results have represented just a further motivation for ABC to grow in the right direction, looking at the future with innovation and industrial progress.

For more information, please visit



In seguito ad un importante percorso di crescita e di sviluppo che sta perseguendo con successo e nell’ambito del processo di riorganizzazione della propria funzione tecnica, un’azienda operante nel settore aeronautico, con sede nella provincia di Napoli, ricerca un candidato per un internship in:



Profilo ideale del candidato:


  • laurea specialistica in ingegneria, preferibilmente aeronautica, aerospaziale o meccanica (conseguita da non più di 18 mesi);
  • ottima conoscenza della lingua inglese (scritta e parlata);
  • conoscenza di una seconda lingua, preferibilmente fra le seguenti: francese, tedesco, spagnolo;
  • ottima conoscenza del disegno tecnico e dei relativi e principali software di disegno 2D e 3D (preferibilmente AutoCad e/o SolidWorks);
  • conoscenza delle principali normative aeronautiche (EASA Part 21, ETSO, JAR/CS/FAR 23/25/27/29);
  • conoscenza delle principali “OEMs Frame Specifications & Design Criteria” (Airbus, Boeing), con particolare riferimento agli “Interiors” di cabina;
  • Conoscenza di base delle proprietà dei principali materiali in uso in ambito aeronautico (AA, Acciai, Compositi) e dei relativi processi produttivi;
  • disponibilità ad effettuare brevi trasferte in Italia e all’estero;
  • attitudine alle relazioni interfunzionali, al lavoro di gruppo ed al multitasking.




In tale ottica, le principali responsabilità della posizione saranno le seguenti:

  • Assicurare supporto tecnico alla funzione Sales/Marketing durante la fase di negoziazione commerciale, relativamente all’analisi di fattibilità tecnica delle richieste del cliente e relativa finalizzazione della proposta tecnica, con particolare riferimento al SOW di progetto.
  • Definire e dettagliare il breakdown delle attività di progetto ed individuare le risorse necessarie allo svolgimento dello stesso, nonché definire le tempistiche di esecuzione (redazione Gantt di progetto) per poi curarne e verificarne successivamente il loro rispetto.
  • In qualità di interfaccia tecnica con il Cliente, gestirne la relazione durante tutto il progetto (con gli opportuni supporti delle altre funzioni aziendali) e presiedere i principali meeting relativi alle “milestones” di progetto (ITCM, PDR, CDR, PRM, FAI) ed assicurare la piena e corretta disponibilità della documentazione tecnica di supporto agli stessi e durante tutto il progetto.
  • Supervisionare, laddove necessario e previsto, le fasi di prototipizzazione e/o First Article in collaborazione con la produzione e/o il fornitore designato.
  • Definire e redigere il programma di certificazione applicabile al progetto/prodotto e curarne la sua successiva implementazione, gestendo anche le eventuali interfacce con soggetti/enti esterni (laboratori di test, autorità, fornitori di servizi specialistici).
  • Definire, redigere e supervisionare gli eventuali programmi di test sulla base di quanto previsto nel programma di certificazione, assicurandone la loro tempestiva effettuazione in coerenza con le tempistiche generali di programma.
  • Controllare la documentazione di progetto, con particolare riferimento a disegni, manuali, istruzioni di installazione.
  • Redigere i SOW per i subfornitori, laddove necessario.
  • Finalizzare il pacchetto documentale di progetto (e curare tutte le eventuali modifiche e/o revisioni che dovessero rendersi necessarie successivamente) per trasmetterlo alle altre funzioni aziendali (CVE/OAW) per le opportune verifiche di conformità alla norma (compliance) ed ottenere quindi la definitiva approvazione.
  • Curare la trasmissione tempestiva del pacchetto, una volta approvato al cliente, quale azione conclusiva e positiva finalizzazione del progetto stesso.


Saranno considerate un “plus” l’eventuale conoscenza e/o pregressa esperienza in ambito Controllo Qualità e la conoscenza di strumenti di gestione delle Non Conformità (NC reporting, 8D, metodo 5 Whys).


L’offerta riguarda un periodo di internship a tempo pieno della durata di mesi sei (6), da svolgersi presso la sede dell’azienda. È previsto il riconoscimento di un rimborso spese su base mensile.


L'offerta è rivolta a candidati di entrambi i sessi (L. 125/91). Inviare il proprio curriculum vitae, solo se in possesso dei requisiti richiesti, unitamente al consenso al trattamento dei dati personali al seguente indirizzo di posta elettronica: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., specificando nell´oggetto “Rif. Internship CPE”.






ABC International launches the revolutionary headrest by redefining the ideal comfort on-board seating.

Shifting the focus of headrest to the essential needs of the passenger, ensures remaining in an orthopedic posture of the neck and nape, which leads to an uninterrupted sleep out of comfort.

Totally engineered by ABC International, the incomparable headrest can be adjusted to various positions as desired throughout the flight. The astonishing news to the passengers is the elimination of the necessity of carried portable orthopedic pillows on board.

The Italian made “Boom Headrest” can be installed on any seat either on retrofit or linefit conditions and represents a low-cost solution for both Airline companies and seat OEMs to improve cabin experience and enhance the feeling with the passengers. Driven by the need to
make the product compatible with any seat configuration, Boom Headrest has been studied with a standard provision to allow proper interface with the most common seat types. Dedicated solutions may be studied and designed to allow full integration with any seating system.


We are looking for a dynamic sales professional with aviation industry experience and a strong technical background as well able to effectively look after the overall sales activity for our Dublin office. In this role, you will lead sales for all customer accounts and all products and services within the Irish territory with special focus to Leasing Companies. You will be called to establish solid and durable business relationship with all of them. You will be responsible for growing the lessors customer base and achieve increased sales targets both from existing accounts/customers and new prospect customers arising from your business development and marketing initiatives. As Project Engineer you will also take over awarded projects by Leasing Companies (namely EASA Part21J Minor Change to cabin Interiors) and will work in close coordination with the Engineering Department based in Italy to accomplish any project and successful achieve for it the on-time approval.

 Job Purpose:

  1. The new Sales & Project Engineer as head of the ABC INTERNATIONAL Dublin office, shall take in charge the Irish based Leasing Companies portfolio and will act as a proactive and expert professional to boost business development opportunities in the reference market as well as foster long-term relationships with each of them.
  2. Main focus will be on selling DOA Part21J Engineering and Modification Services by proposing effective solutions, tailor-made on customer’ specific needs in terms of contents, scope of work, lead-time and cost, always framed into a long-term partnership perspective.
  3. Target customers will be namely Irish based aircraft Leasing Companies as well as other leasing companies, airlines, MRO and Cabin Interiors. The successful candidate will be responsible to identify, grow and enhance these customer relationships.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the management of the ABC INTRNATIONAL Dublin office, including all typical duties and responsibilities to keep it in full functionality and efficiency.
  2. Responsible for business development activity in the reference market. Ensure that growth objectives are achieved according to company’s goal and approved budget.
  3. Responsible for establishing a solid and durable base of relationships with all Leasing Companies and identifying new market opportunities with them primarily for engineering services.
  4. Seeking new partners and suppliers on Irish territory to complete and let the offered services better match customer’s needs.
  5. Visit frequently and regularly Leasing Companies and establishing with their key people/decision makers (CTO, VP Engineering, etc.) positive and friendly relationship aimed to increase level of confidence towards ABC INTERNATIONAL organization and ultimately obtain to be included in the list of their preferred DOA service providers regularly receiving all their RFQs for cabin interiors modification services.
  6. Always in full coordination with Italian headquarter the new Sales & Project Engineer will drive sales campaigns towards Irish territory which can include necessity for mailing and re-calling with new prospects & customers. Provide substantial contribution in establishing sales forecast, revenue targets and roadmaps to achieve overall revenue growth.
  7. Collect RFQs and any requirement from Customers and communicate promptly them within the organization to request support from other departments as necessary to assist in achieving established objectives.
  8. Lead and coordinate the sales proposal preparation process       in response to RFP’s, RFI’s and RFQ. Caring of timely sending of proposal to customers and initiate related negotiations aimed to achieve final award of projects. Ability to present sales proposals in person, via phone, via the web to all levels of customers/prospects including, buyers, VP, owners, etc. Handle all customer calls on timely basis.
  9. Monitor competitors services, offer and sales & marketing activities towards the reference Irish market to identify best approach to customers and deliver the uttermost added value and overcome competition performances.
  10. For awarded project arising from Irish market the new Sales & Project Engineer shall also act as assigned technical project interface with Customer and as a such shall manage the project by preparing, scheduling, coordinating and monitoring all the projects activities.
  11. Collect all pre-modification technical data form Customer on the specific aircraft subject of the modification project and assess such documentation is updated, valid and sufficient to perform the project and achieve relevant approval.
  12. Guarantee compliance to all applicable Aviation Authorities standards and regulations (namely EASA and FAA) as well as applicable Customer specifications while accomplishing the project.
  13. Cooperate and communicate effectively with all other project participants (also based in Italy) such as designers and certification engineers to make sure project is on-time and on schedule and final release/approval date is met consistently with contractual SOW.

Skill and Expertise Requirements:

  1. Bachelor Degree in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering or Economics/Business Administration (better if completed with a MBA) or a proven plurennial past experience in similar positions within Aviation Industry/Airlines.
  2. Strong knowledge of, and wide network within, the Aircraft Leasing Companies sector.
  3. Past and proven professional experience of not less than 3 years of business development or sales & marketing or project engineer/technical role within the aircraft/aviation industry market.
  4. In-depth knowledge and good understanding of the aircraft business with special focus on cabin interiors, aircraft transitions and EASA Part21J environment.
  5. Superior interpersonal, presentation and communication skills are required.
  6. Influential relationship building, collaboration and sophisticated negotiating skills are also necessary.
  7. Self-motivated, able to operate independently also with minimal direction, able to assumes ownership and accountability.
  8. Demonstrated capacity and track record successes to meet or exceed sales volumes/targets.
  9. Demonstrated problem solving and conflict resolution attitude and outstanding organizational skills with the ability to prioritize
  10. Demonstrated use of fair negotiating tactics & methods in contractual negotiations aimed to establishing long-term and solid relationship
  11. Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  12. Good knowledge of design and visualizations software such as AutoCAD

We are an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality, sex.

If you believe your profile meets the above requirements and you are interested in this job opportunity please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please mention in the subject: Ref. Sales & Project Engineer.

We are really eager to share with you an important news and a great addition to the ABC INTERNATIONAL organization.

Indeed starting from today we welcome Ciro Caiazza within our team. Ciro will take over the position of VP Business Development & Strategy and as such he will be responsible to implement ABC strategic plan to guarantee the company growth’s targets are met.

He will lead all the ABC special projects with strategic content of which the opening of a new ABC office in Ireland within 2020 is the major one. Ciro has a consolidated experience within aviation industry, having spent most of his carrier serving Alitalia. Ciro areas of expertise range from engine maintenance, components and airframe to marketing & sales, aircraft parts trading, contracts, supply chain management and a/c leasing.

Thanks to his skills, knowledge and his network Ciro will also help improving ABC marketing and sales performances. The last addition of Ciro as ultimate professional to ABC team will undoubtedly allow to boost the implementation of ABC growth plans and successfully achieve the ambitious challenges company has set. Always better serving our customers base globally.

Welcome to Ciro in the ABC family! We are proud you to have joined us.

The ABC Team

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