Boom Headrest

The Boom Headrest is an innovative headrest, designed to provide incomparable comfort to the passenger for a pleasant and healthier flight experience in every seating position. Being able to reach unlimited positions, the Boom Headrest can be easily adjusted by the passenger to reach the desired angle and embrace the head, or support the nape, or the neck.
The typical main dimensions of the product allow full integration with the most common economy and business class seat systems and possible through a simple installation process.

The Boom Headrest is manufactured using aeronautic state-of-the-art materials and manufactured in aluminium alloy with steel and made up with flame retardant materials, fully compliant with the CS/Far 25.853(a) and CS/Far 25.853(c) requirements. The flexible “gooseneck” is provided with a steel spring covered in aluminium alloy material to provide strength, support and flexibility at the same time.
Dedicated solutions for seat integration may be provided both to the existing seats and to newly designed ones thanks to product ease of installation/integration.

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