ABC INTERNATIONAL Rigid Lifest Stowage box

ABC INTERNATIONAL Rigid Lifest Stowage box


Naples (Italy), July 28th 2020. ABC International gladly announces the launch of one of the most versatile life-vest boxes in the aviation market. The new ABC rigid transparent box is already flying with one of the major air-carrier worldwide and is now available for any seat-maker and airline willing to adopt a durable, “prevent-to-steal” and “easy-to-check” life-vest container.
The Italian “Cabin Branding Specialist” has designed the transparent box in compliance to highest certification standards and in accordance to TSA safety and security regulations. As such the box guarantee passengers with an easy access to take the life-vest in every seating position across the cabin, whenever needed. In fact, the new ABC International rigid box allows extraction of the life-vest with one single quick action.
At the same time the box prevents any possible access thanks to a specific anti-intrusion system while special seals avoid and discourage passengers form improperly removing the life-vest contained or introducing any foreign or dangerous object. Transparent material allows crew to perform the fastest possible visual inspection during transit check in order to ensure presence of life-vest underneath any seat. Thus, resulting in remarkable time saving for the crew in performing such a task.
Driving factors in design development have been based on listening customer request, so as to make it as much as possible User Centered. The main features are:an easy accessibility, a lowest possible weight; a tailor-made size; high flexibility to integrate the box in a variety of different seat models. In order to give an added value to the product ABC International engineered and designed the box to be easily installed on the most common seats by means of an adaptable aluminum interface sheet. In addition to that ABC International has set itself the goal to generate a valid alternative to the existing solutions which are usually defined as “easy to brake”, “fast consumable” and “easy access for vest thieves”. ABC International had to improve the quality of passenger experience on board by offering a product relieving all above mentioned inconveniences of similar products.

As a consequence of deep engineering efforts, the Life Vest Rigid Box is manufactured using flame retardant and high-strength polycarbonate resin-UV stabilized material by means of injection molding technology. Resistance to damages and long-life of materials are distinctive elements of the box. Furthermore, ABC International life-vest box has been sized to allow installation of the most common standard single cell passenger life preservers.
The versatile design gives the opportunity to customize even further the box for every need and, most importantly, dedicated solutions may be designed to allow full integration within any new seating system. Different shapes and dimensions can be developed and manufactured with competitive lead-time to this aim.
ABC International box is an airworthy product and ready to be installed on board. It is fully compliant with the CS/AR 25.853(a) requirements and successfully tested as part of the “seat system” against CS/FAR 25.562.
ABC International can perform, under its Part21J privileges, the box retrofit installation on board of already flying seats while a cooperation is also possible with seat OEMs to integrate in any cabin environment and configuration and of course on brand-new seats.

“We usually receive very specific request from our partners. They are aware about our unique “know how” and the unlimited cabin development support we can provide. They expect a lot from us.” says Mr. Olindo Spatola, Head of Design Organization at ABC International “When I was informed about this project I suddenly realized the importance to develop a flexible design to fit any future request. The challenging part has been to fulfill our client’s requirement having in mind that. This product, will be asked to fly for many years and for other partners with different needs and ultimately it will perform in such a way!” concludes Mr. Spatola.
ABC International rigid life-vest box is nowadays readily available for any airline looking for a bright and long-lasting solution to preserve life-vest on board and improve customer flight experience.
ABC INTERNATIONAL is an EASA-DOA Company (EASA.21J.529) based in Naples, Italy. Since 2009, ABC has been a leading reality in the Cabin Branding market. During the years, thanks to its reliability, high professionalism and hard-work attitude, ABC International achieved successful results partnering with some of the most important Airlines in the industry (Brussels Airlines, Etihad, TAP, Air Canada, Ethiopian Airlines). These results have represented just a further motivation for ABC to grow in the right direction, looking at the future with innovation and industrial progress.

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